I am a classical painter by training. I paint reality and abstract paintings in oil and acrylics. My second education is graphic designer and web designer. I am fond of macro photography of flora. Now I combined all my skills and started making NFTs. This week I posted my first collection «Marilyn Monroe. Kaleidoscope of Illusions» at OpenSea.

I am currently working on two new collections «Meta Flowers» and «Marvelous Metagarden». I also have a collection of my digitised paintings which I also want to convert to NFT.

In my works I want to show how fragile our world is and how quickly it changes. Our consciousness perceives reality in different ways and we are often surprised at how different we are. I take my work into a meta universe where everything is possible and there is no limit to fantasy.

I hope that you will enjoy my work and find something to delight you.

With love,

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